Posted by: onboardtourswhales | June 23, 2011

K’s with J’s

Monday June 20, 2011

Many J-Pod Orcas with K-20 Spock (for a second I thought it was J-26 Mike- with her similar saddle patch & tall dorsal fin! Maybe they have the same dad?!) and her son K-38 Comet formed 2 tight groups traveling north in Haro Strait, seeming to rest a bit, swimming slowly with the flooding tide. At about 3pm, they were off of Henry Island, taking their time heading to Stuart Island, then into Boundary Pass at 4:15pm. Their leisurely pace and breathing enabled us to identify J-22 Oreo with sons J-34 DoubleStuf & J-38 Cookie, J-17- Princess Angeline with granddaughter J-46 Star, J-27 Blackberry with siblings J-31 Tsuchi & J-39 Mako, and J-19 Shachi & her daughter J-41 Eclipse. Also J-28 Polaris, and J-35 Tahlequah with son J-47 Looker, the newest J-Pod calf! Nice to see the families all together.


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