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San Juan Island Naturalist Program

Volunteering with Center for Whale Research!

We hired her to do a whale watch aboard our boat. Very good. Great knowledge and experience plus a charming personality. A+ Sam Walker

I hired Caroline to come on my uncle’s boat for a day of whale watching. She was very friendly, professional, and polite. We had a great day of whale watching, she said it was one of the best she had in a while. We watched anywhere from sixty to eighty whales jump and swim for four hours. It was a day that I will never forget! I was so moved by such and awesome creature I was in tears for much of the day. She could identify many of the whales and some information on lots of them. I kind of felt like they were her family she knew so much about them. I asked a million questions and she had so many answers. I learned so much from her that day. I could have listened to her for hours! I think my aunt and uncle were very impressed by her and her knowledge of so many of the whales. She had pictures of the whales in a book and could point to which whale was which. I hope some day that I will get to go whale watching again, it was a dream come true and she made the experience way more than I could have ever thought it could be. It was an amazing day! But I definitely wouldn’t do it with out her as our guide!!!!! Sarah Gerbig

We had the pleasure of having Caroline as our guide and naturalist while we were down at San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja. She was so great. She was always attending to our needs and providing us with so much more education than we ever expected. We even had one of our fellow campers who had a medical issue while we were at the lagoon. With Caroline’s experience in first aid, the issue never turned into an emergency – she took care of everything. Caroline always had safety first on her list whenever we went out on the lagoon. Her knowledge and sincere appreciation for our oceans and all marine life made our trip a positive and absolutely wonderful experience. Kathleen Heyden

Great gal, met her in San Ignacio over a couple of years, staying touch in the NW on the ORCA circuit and remain friends, we have sent her all kinds of friends and get rave reviews of not only her guiding but especially of her camp management and organization skills. You couldn’t find a better guide! Michael Martindale

Caroline and I were coworkers for four years. I have nothing but positive things to say about her. From a coworker’s perspective, she was a sincere joy to be around. She’s always happy and positive, and is a very hard worker. I met her when I started with the company and I learned a great deal from her. She definitely prides herself on being well-educated and her passion for nature is quite contagious. She always captivated our passengers with her stories, and they left not only having learned a great deal, but with a desire to become stewards for our oceans, as well. I could not recommend anyone higher than I could Caroline. Heather Hill

Local ‘islanders’ knowledge of marine life, wildlife, natural and human history of the international inland Salish Sea and San Juan Islands Washington, Baja Mexico, and Hawaiian Islands!

Encounter the wild endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale community, called Orca, in their natural habitat. We may see Transient Killer Whales, Minke Whales, Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Dall’s Porpoise, Harbor Porpoise, Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Harbor Seals, Monk Seals, Stellar and California Sea Lions, turtles, and many bird species!

All of our guides are Certified Marine Naturalists through highly respected college accredited courses, and Licensed Tour Guides!

With decades of experience on the waterways of the Salish Sea and islands of the San Juan Archipelago, Baja Mexico, and Hawaiian Islands, we come well equipped with up to date knowledge and science of the wildlife, watching laws and guidelines, photo identification guidebooks, fun stories to share, and an underwater hydrophone to listen to the vocalizations of the whales, dolphins, porpoises, and sea life, by land and by sea!

Our tours are customized and personalized to the areas and wildlife You would like to explore. A unique opportunity to have memorable experiences with diversity of wildlife in some of the best cruising grounds, landscapes in the world!