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Jpodders Back by San Juan Island!!

August 25, 2019 Albion test fishery’s estimates of Chinook salmon returning to the Fraser River show Chinook salmon are coming in, so the (SRKW) Southern Resident killer whale-orca salmon eaters are back in the Salish Sea too!

Some J-K-L pod families have been sighted around San Juan Island in the last 2 weeks. J podders have been doing the ‘Westside Waltz’ going back and forth along the west side of the island, like they did consistently back in salmon abundant times, bringing much joy and renewed determination to help our mesmerizing kin.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) recommends fishery management measures for waters off Washington, Oregon, and California to the Secretary of Commerce through the National Marine Fisheries Service.

They are considering a place at the salmon table for our beloved SRKW.

As the PFMC recommends allocations of salmon harvest for commercial, tribal, and sport fishing, we are asking for an allocation of Chinook salmon for the SRKW.

You can help and comment by 9-4-19 on Agenda F3 at this link:

J56 – sweet 3 month old daughter of J31 Tsuchi, niece of J27 Blackberry and J39 Mako, and grand daughter of J19 Shachi 🙂

Jpodder tail-fluke slapping the water! Salmon or communication? Gull photo bomb 😉

J’s coming south by Lime Kiln Lighthouse – male Jpodder to the left!

J19 Shachi – Mom of J27 Blackberry

J27 Blackberry

Haro Strait Sunset


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  2. Thanks! My pleasure 🙂

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