Posted by: onboardtourswhales | March 12, 2021

J58 Crescent Brings Some Hope!!

March 6, 2021 reports of Jpod in Haro Strait sent many whale fans all along the west and south side of San Juan Island to catch a glimpse of these iconic orca.

I lucked out to see the newest Jpod babies with their moms and families, the J19’s and J35’s who were milling in a convergence zone at the end of an ebbing tide. The babies did leisurely spyhops, lunges, back floating, roll overs, and cuddle puddles with the family while moms rested a bit and then multiple tail fluke slaps on the water!

So good to see J35 Tahlequah (in 2018 she carried her dead calf for 17+ days) with J57 Phoenix her baby boy born the beginning of September 2020 active and healthy looking.

J41 Eclipse had J58 Crescent at the end of September 2020, and Crescent was very active and healthy looking too, then rolled over on mom’s back and showed she’s a girl!!

Healthy well fed females are needed to keep the Southern Resident killer whale population reproducing and not go extinct.

J58 Crescent baby girl!!
J57 Phoenix baby boy!

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