OBT DSC00045[1] (2)Caroline Armon

As a University Certified Marine Naturalist, Ecology Educator, Research Assistant, Ocean Conservationist, Boat Crew, Tour Guide, and Volunteer, since 1997 I have lived, sailed, explored, and worked in the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea, Pacific West Coast of Canada and the United States, the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico, Hawai’i, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Turks Caicos Islands, Madeira Islands Portugal, Aruba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and the Canal, Scotland, Ireland, and England. I am passionate about cetaceans, or in other words, I’m a whale hugger!

I collect data and help out at research projects around the world, and present to the public: enjoyable, enlightening, educational information and share experiences that hopefully become meaningful and inspiring re-connections to our environments, ecosystems, nature and wildlife!

I earned a USCG 100 Ton Master of Steam, Motor or Auxiliary Sail Vessels upon Near Coastal Waters Captain’s License, and Commercial Drivers License. I am trained in CPR and First Aid. While in San Diego giving tours for the San Diego Zoo, I also started working as a guide managing an ecotour camp at San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Mexico, the last pristine, undeveloped, incredible Gray whale birthing and mating lagoon.

I see many of the same whale and bird species in the San Juan Islands and Mexico. As well as Humpback whales from Hawai’i going to Alaska and coming back to the Salish Sea. I think whales, birds, and fish have a good idea with this migration thing, so I follow them on my cetacean quest, migrating between the San Juan Islands, Mexico, Hawai’i, and other cetacean habitats!

Accessibility of the renowned Center for Whale Research, Orca Network, University of Washington, University of Hawai’i, and worldwide researchers and scientists make it possible to continue learning about marine life and ocean ecosystems. I am honored to assist, contribute data, and learn from scientists Dr Deborah Giles, Ken Balcomb, Steve Swartz, Jim Darling, and National Geographic filmmakers Johnny Friday and Flip Nicklin. Humbled to be on Good Morning America with Dick Russell at San Ignacio Lagoon.

I think of cetaceans as ambassadors of the seas! I think we Naturalists are the bridge between wildlife, ecosystems, science, governance, and people. As science reveals new information, as well as my day to day observations living and working in such extraordinary environments, I enjoy being able to share the wealth of my knowledge and experience. I have seen so many positive reactions, then actions from people encountering these special places and wildlife, my hope for our water planet continues!

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