Posted by: onboardtourswhales | June 29, 2009

L’s & K’s Heading West

L-41 Mega & sister L-94 Calypso

L-41 Mega & sister L-94 Calypso

P1050021P1050049June 29, 2009
Reports were of L’s off Salmon Bank, when we got out there at about 2:15pm, there were many whales, at first appearing to forage with the minor ebb tide, then the orcas all came together heading toward the west. There were so many we wondered that there were more than L’s. Sure enough some K’s were with them as they went on a long dive, and surfaced northwest toward Eagle Cove. Another group of orcas approached from the southeast, looking like they were going to join the first big group, did a few tail lobs, then turned back to the west. The large group then turned and all the whales were joining up and speed swimming! toward the west when we left them at about 3:25pm.


  1. caroline,
    great info and pictures as usual from you.
    Love the wesite. Thanks for all of your efforts and hard work. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have experienced your knowledge first hand are better people for it. Keep going….debi

    • Thankx Debi!! I am swamped, trying to catch up today, and add postings to my website, so check it in a day or two. Thank you so much for your support!! Caroline

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