Posted by: onboardtourswhales | September 6, 2009

Land Based Whale Watching

September 5, 2009

Reports were of whales at the Discovery Islands at 12:45pm, so we kept a lookout as we were exploring the tide pools in Deadman Bay. Once the whales decided to head to Lime Kiln Point, across a strong flooding tide, they really put on the speed. At about 1:45pm all of a sudden, it seemed, there they were- breaching multiple times by multiple whales!! A few spy hops, directional changes back and forth in front the lighthouse, and a ?dozen or so L-Pod whales? continued on their way north. There was a second group at Point Edwards that looked like they might head north, but at 3:40pm they headed south.

August 29, 2009

Much to the delight of the folks on the land tour, from about 1:30pm to 3:15pm, we were able to see orcas from South Beach. We followed them by road, as the whales headed toward Eagle Cove and False Bay. Just past False Bay, the whales turned around about the same time as slack flood tide, and headed back to Eagle Cove. Not able to identify any, but they appeared to be spread out and foraging.

(Also, forgot to report we saw orcas on all Saturday Land Based Tours in July and August, between South Beach and Lime Kiln Point. Even if at the end of our tour time and/or using binoculars to see them, everyone was thrilled!)

September 3, 2009

Right as I drove around the corner at Point Edwards at 4:55pm, around slack flood tide, there were orcas traveling near shore from Lime Kiln Point south! 



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