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J-2 Granny Still Breaches!!


Last Night of Summer

Last Night of Summer

September 21, 2009

Today J-2 Granny and K-11 Georgia, lead subgroups of the pods north along Henry Island, from 2:20pm to 3:15pm, keeping a fast pace against a mildly flooding current. Midway up island, the grand matriarchs headed offshore, and as J-2 headed northwest she breached (very impressive at estimated 98 years old)! and did a few percussives. There were no vocalizations. Each near shore subgroup of 3 to 4 whales, including the J-14 and K-14 families, started heading offshore inline with the route J-2 and K-11 had taken. Except J-1 Ruffles, he was already about ½ mile offshore, taking his time, swimming in his distinctive leisurely way, like he knows he’s number one male!

K-26 Lobo & K-42 Kelp

K-26 Lobo & K-42 Kelp

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