Posted by: onboardtourswhales | July 28, 2010

Time is Running Out for Lolita

July 27, 2010 

Warm, sunny, clear days with calm, glass seas here! We hope the orcas are eating lots of Chinook Salmon and enjoying the summer too! Except for Lolita is probably not enjoying her life. She’s an L-Pod whale who’s about 21 feet long living in a tank that’s only 20 feet deep… at the Miami Seaquarium, where her water will soon be contaminated by the Gulf oil environmental crime of epic proportions! PLEASE go to and and help to bring Lolita home to her family, community, and home waters- the Salish Sea. 

J-26 Mike

L-86 Surprise


  1. Please let Lolita go back to her family and home grounds! She has done her time!!!! This is so inhumane!

    • Thank You! I agree, so please, let’s all encourage the Miami Seaquarium to let Lolita retire and return home!!

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