Posted by: onboardtourswhales | July 14, 2011

Fourth of July :)

Monday July 4, 2011

A sunny, wonderful holiday shared with J-Pod and L-87 Onyx, foraging from False Bay to Eagle Cove, in another strong, almost 11’ flooding tide. From about 2:50pm to 4pm, three spread out groups, yet tight together in the groups, heading northwest, turning southeast at Eagle Point. The classic ‘shuffle’ of swimming back and forth in this area (hopefully full of Chinook salmon!) We ID’d J-26 Mike, and J-28 Polaris with her 2 year old daughter J-46 Star. L-87 Onyx was very close to J-22 Oreo, flashed his ‘pink floyd’! Maybe J-22 Oreo will have a calf in 15 to 18 months!!



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