Posted by: onboardtourswhales | April 18, 2012

Music with the Humpbacks!

Ma’alaea Bay consistently has northeast trade winds which create wavelets and chop on the water. I have been lucky on my trips, and again out on a sunset cruise, the sea was calm even with a flooding tide. Add warm weather and dancing with friends to joyful music played by Maui’s Reggae Ambassador; Marty Dread!

Whales are sighted less and less now, as they are migrating to feast in Alaskan waters, so we were delighted to spot a mother with her baby! The captain was respectful, maintaining a 150 to 200 yard distance from the Humpbacks. They stayed on the surface with little motion for about 20 minutes, I think they were enjoying the music too! I think these acoustic creatures are curious about our human vocalizations, and music is a universal language! Then the mom decided time to swim away and surprise! she breaches right before the sunset!! As we headed back to the harbor, we saw another mom-calf pair in the distance and an active group of 3 to 4 whales near shore. I think we all felt this Friday evening the thirteenth was lucky and magical!

Looking at the photos I took, I noticed the mom has a scar on her back from an encounter with a vessel or big fishing line? She is a tough one and has even more of my awe. I am working on improving my video skills, the best part of this video is Marty Dread singing, it fits the whales well!

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  1. You are doing good so far with the video. You will be a pro in no time.
    Nice touch with the music.

    • Thanks 🙂

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