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July 8, 2013

A lovely summer afternoon out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca welcoming the Southern Resident Killer Whales back to the Salish Sea! The Center for Whale Research and others will confirm that indeed all 82 wild orcas, of J-K-L pods came in. A bit foggy passing Cattle Point Lighthouse, then orcas off of one of their favorite dining places- False Bay, chattering away! They seemed intent on foraging for King-Chinook salmon- their primary food, as they milled about with directional changes. The clan was spread out over 7 miles and up into Haro Strait, (they can vocalize and communicate about 10 miles away from each other!)

A Bald Eagle surprised us by flying above us then dipping down, seemingly effortlessly, to snag a herring! I wonder if that eagle was taking that herring back to a fledging, as the eagle vocalized as it flew back to land.

Sightings of two Minke whales out at Salmon Bank, a Stellar Sea Lion on Whale Rocks, Harbor Seals young and old taking advantage of the strong 8’+ new moon flooding tide in Cattle Pass, numerous marine birds, and a few shy, elusive Harbor Porpoise, enrich the experience of our diverse ecosystem here in the San Juan Islands!

(And a few photos from earlier summer days sunsets 🙂

2013-7-8 SRKW SuperPod +3 hours 013 2013-7-8 SRKW SuperPod +3 hours 014 ??????????? ????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? 2013-7-8 SRKW SuperPod +3 hours 024????????? ??????????????????????

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