Posted by: onboardtourswhales | July 27, 2015

End Dam Extinction

I believe we are at a critical, pivotal moment to restore salmon to the Columbia River basin and the Northwest- historically our nation’s largest salmon runs.

The White House phone number to leave comments is 202-456-1111

Call Monday through Friday between 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.  All that needs to be said is “Breach the four lower Snake River dams to save the Southern Resident orca (or killer whales) and salmon from being dammed to extinction.”

Our Spotlight Species, Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales– orca, need salmon to survive; up to 80% of their diet is Chinook salmon. Science has shown these whales depend on the salmon of the Snake and Columbia Rivers, particularly during the winter and spring.

Science has also shown salmon are a keystone species here in the Northwest, providing nutrients to not only the whales; also other marine mammals, birds, bears, humans, even plant life- the entire ecosystem.

The 4 lower Snake River dams are a major impediment causing the decline of salmon to the point of threatened and endangered salmon species.

Data now shows maintaining these outdated, deteriorating dams- by your tax dollars annually, extortionately costs much more than the significantly lower cost of breaching the 4 lower Snake River dams.

These dams now only provide 1-3% of the regions power. The majority of the regions stakeholders support the breaching of these dams.

President Obama has been personally presented with all this information and can issue an Executive Order, to breach the 4 lower Snake River dams. If he does not issue this Executive Order, it probably would take at least 10 more years to go through the bureacratic process to make this happen, at continuing excessive cost to taxpayers, and probable extinction of salmon stocks. The reality of  extinction of Southern Resident Killer Whales is why they are one of eight federally NOAA identified ‘Species in the Spotlight’.

President Obama has recieved many petitions, letters, and emails supporting breaching the 4 lower Snake River dams, but the White House questioned why they weren’t receiving more phone calls supporting this Executive Order.

The White House needs to know the public supports this dam breaching to give the President the political will to take executive action. 

We need to get the message out to everyone to flood the White House with calls as soon as possible to let the White House staffers know that people care, people want the iconic Southern Resident Killer Whales and keystone salmon to survive. 

Please call, please share.

Thank You!

We can do this!  🙂

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