Posted by: onboardtourswhales | October 16, 2015

Glorious Life in the Salish Sea

Friday October 16, 2015

It’s been an extraordinary time here in the Salish Sea. The diversity of wildlife; five babies born and surviving in the Endangered Southern Resident salmon dependent Orca community, of today 81 whales + 1 Tokitae/Lolita- the last survivor of captures from this too small community. Let’s all work to bring her home. Let’s restore salmon and breach the 4 lower Snake River dams. Transient-Biggs mammal eating Killer whale families are consistently in these waters, Humpbacks whales are regular visitors, and a Fin whale has been here over a month!

I am grateful for everybody’s endless efforts and the opportunities to share these awe-inspiring experiences, our ecosystems, all the challenges these other life beings face, and all of the choices and actions we humans can and are doing to restore and care for our interconnected, interdependent place of living. All of our individual efforts do and are making a difference. We are at a pivotal, crucial time, let’s strive for respectful coexistence. Thank You. My optimism continues.

“The opposite of courage is not cowardice; it is conformity. Even dead fish can go with the flow” Jim Hightower

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher

A picture can tell a thousand words, I hope some of my photos tell the story, hold the moment. I’d be happy to answer (or find the answer) to any questions, and share all the ways you can help our ocean planet home.

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