Posted by: onboardtourswhales | January 2, 2017

Eternal J2 Granny

We may not have been part of hers, (aside from impacts) and folks may not understand, but J2 Granny and her clan, tribe, are a part of our human Orca culture and society. Beings we are elated to experience glimpses of their culture, society, communication, relationships, oceanic lives. They have full, complex, emotional lives, with larger brains and development than we have, without destroying themselves or their ecosystems.

Why are we humans destroying each other, other beings, and our own ecosystems? Why are those of us beyond day to day survival so focused on just ourselves- humans? Aren’t our lives rich, extraordinary, creative, meaningful,  because of the tapestry of all beings on earth?

Today the Center for Whale Research annouced J2 Granny MIA- presumed dead. Estimated to be 74 to 105 years old. (I hope her previously collected samples will be analyzed by NOAA appointed laboratories to establish her age.)

J2 Granny was the leader, the wise elder, the Grand Matriarch (and great-great grandmother) of the community-clan-tribe of Southern Resident Killer Whales- Orca.

Who will lead now? L25 Ocean Sun is the next eldest, thought to be mother of L Tokitae-Lolita (last survivor of captures from SRKW), she has no other surviving offspring.

Then a large gap in age with the surviving Orca of 78 + 1 today.

The experience and knowledge that goes with Granny, hopefully lives on in her tribe and us.

J2 Granny my inspiring favorite whale.

Nature may have taken her course, but devastating none the less. Somehow I thought J2 Granny would be immortal. Not in body, but yes in spirit, hold her in my heart always.

I relate her to my own family, my own father, friends, tribe.

J2 Granny was the first free Orca that looked at me, eye to eye connecting of spirits from other worlds. That was shortly after I began this career, I felt bonded to her. No wonder I feel devastated, and by all the Orca losses. I feel like I’ve lost dear friends.

Interconnections and interdependence between all life on earth should be part of essential education in schools and humans along with reading writing arithmetic.

Nature Basics 101.


  1. Thanks

    Sorry hope she turns up

    Love Dad


    • Thanks Dad,
      You’re my elder, hugs

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