Posted by: onboardtourswhales | May 29, 2018

Madeira Islands post 7- On-In The Water- Porto Santo Plants

March 2018 Weather calmed down, we got back out on the ferry and water to do our research! I can’t share details or photos of the research data, but happy to have sighted all the cetaceans we did. On Porto Santo Island I enjoyed all the plant life coming to bloom, many succulents and cactus remind me of Baja and Mexico. The photo of ‘BuggyPower’ is production of energy by gathering and processing the algae from the water by the marina. It looks like they are monitoring the operation well. One particular day I was tired and hot, warmer days were returning, and after walking for more than an hour down the road toward the west side of the island, I was thinking of turning back since it would be that long of a walk back to the ferry. I’m so glad we didn’t! Tara, my awesome co-worker and I made our way down to the water, the longest golden sand beach in the islands. The rest of the beaches throughout the archipelago are mostly rock beaches. Taking my shoes off, rolling up my pant legs, putting my feet into the Atlantic Ocean was refreshing beyond words! We strolled the surf all the way back to the town park we had started at. Some photos show the damage from the storms and surges along the sand cliffs, taking out trees and structures, and the only staircase from the beach to stable ground that guys were working on restoring. I think they liked having their picture taken. Then it got a little dicey for us as the beach became narrow, steep, and rocky by the public pier, no easy route up, and the 8’ flooding spring, new moon tide was peaking. Walking barefoot on rocks in a strong surf is not recommended. I stayed still when the surf came in hoping the rolling rocks wouldn’t hit me too hard, moved when the surf receded and I could see where to step, and slowly climbed up to dry ground with only a minor toe cut, while a kind park worker was keeping an eye on us pointing out the path to make sure we were ok! Pets in the islands are well cared for too, friendly happy dogs also walking the town on Porto Santo Island.




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