Posted by: onboardtourswhales | May 29, 2018

Madeira Islands post 9- Porto Santo Snorkel

March 22, 2018 Remember Matias, our Porto Santo Island rally race car driver tour guide? We took him up on his invite to go snorkel at a tide pool marine protected area. Awesome co-worker Tara was kind to take photos and videos with my GoPro. I admit I was nervous about the slippery sand cliff hike down to the tide pools, and of all the caravels- Portuguese Man o’ War we saw washed up on the rocky beach, possibly being in the water too? Thankfully they weren’t! All the storms and surges had blown them onto island beaches. Matias timed our snorkel around the peak of flood tide for slack, calm waters, yet we still felt strong currents. A biodiversity of fish and invertebrates in this small shallow area. The highlight, of course, being the common Atlantic octopus who swam surprisingly fast by us, then gave us another peak from her/his home!!


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