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Only WE Can Prevent EXTINCTION

Southern Resident Orca Recovery and Task Force

Survey and Comments Due 10-29-18:

2018 has been a despairing year reflecting many decades of our human shortcomings, mismanagement, and environmental impacts, as our beloved Southern Resident Orca fade away. I hold onto the belief that we while we create destruction and consumption, we can create more preservation, restoration, recovery. We made this mess, we can clean it up. We can care more for our connected ocean and earth lives. I still find hope in nature, nature still heals us. We must heal nature.

All of my Southern Resident Orca J and L podders’ photos are from shore, cropped, and obviously I need a longer lens 😉

2018-5-19 Bald Eagle Steller Sea Lion- Queen or King Rules?

2018-6-6 Transient T77’s

2018-7-21 Exotic Transients CA137 CA40

2018-7-21 Exotic Transient CA40

2018-7-21 Exotic Transient CA137

2018-7-21 Humpback BCXukKeta2014#1 Mt Baker

2018-7-21 Humpbacks

2018-7-21 Humpbacks

2018-7-26 Jpodder Breach

2018-7-26 Jpodder Pectoral Slap

2018-7-26 Jpodder Porpoise Swimming

2018-8-12 NOAA and Lummi Feeding Chinook Salmon to J50 Scarlet

2018-8-12 Jpodders

2018-8-12 Jpodders

2018-8-12 Jpodder Tail Lob

2018-8-12 Jpod Family

2018-8-12 Jpodder Spyhop

2018-8-12 Jpod Family Spyhops

2018-8-12 Jpod Family Spyhops

2018-9-5 Lpodder Breach

2018-9-5 Dio at Work Sniffing for Orca Scat for Conservation Canines Crew to Collect

2018-9-18 South Beach

2018-9-18 Resilience

2018-9-18 Cattle Point

2018-9-18 Bald Eagle

2018-9-23 Red-breasted Sapsucker Determination

2018-9-26 Jpodder Breach

2018-9-26 Jpodder 2nd Breach by Fisher

2018-9-26 Sunset

2018-9-26 Sunset

2018-9-26 Sunset

2018-10-15 Harbor Seal Resting

2018-10-15 Mt Baker Sunset



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